Spooky Trump-Putin-Anagram

Southbound Sickboy ….  Spooky Trump-Putin-Anagram / Day 28
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Rom 15. September 2017

A second lazy day on the Danube River. A line of letters run up and Down my brain. A puzzle. A riddle. An anagram….


These 16 letters are looking alike randomly chosen. But they are not. They may be considered as a code … as a key or a link between two of world’s most powerful leaders.

The Trump-Putin-Anagram might be the key to understand what is going on in politics.

Let’s see what we have. An ‚A‘, double ‚D‘. Surprisingly no ‚E‘. But a ‚W‘ twin. And three ‚I‘ lads.

You ever asked internet who is world’s number #1 powerful leader ?? The answer is most likely Russia’s President Mr. Putin.

As far as we know he started his career as Secret Service Officer and Director of Operations – ‚DO‘ – for Sowietunion based in East Germany. He is said to be fluent with German language.

His name’s German spelling starts with ‚W‘. Second ‚W‘ is to be placed for his middle name.



Please double check Putin’s name – in German spelling „Wladimir“ is written with an „W“.

Wladimir Putin’s ID Card issued by Eastgermany’s Staatsicherheit Secret Police. Name is written with the German spelling, first and middle name’s first type is an „W“.

… all 16 types used… and next – sort them new!

Most people would not consider the 45th President of the US as second or even third powerful leader worldwide.

But he surely is to be found under the Top #10 or #15.

Why not sort our lil anagram’s letters and see whom they are pointing to…

Start with Putin’s last letters…
„DON“ and add „ALD“ That’s easy and obvious.

DONALD TRUMP … 11 mates gone…

Hey!! See what we have left over.
There are our ‚W‘ twins again and the three „I“ lads.


Changing the „I“ to „1“ is as easy as 1-2-3…. here we go


..spooky ehhh?…
I wonder what you make of it.

Is it Dark Lord Voldemort’s latest move?

Is it coincidence and stupid?

Or does it refer to the Frankenstein’smonster and his ingenious creator?
Pls share, link, discuss, like, &c.


Thank you…

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