♫♪♫ Reisen & Freunde: 9 Stories about Stones and Ghosts, Witches and Devils

Scotland’s Stones and Ghosts, Witches and Devils
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin March 25th 2021

Please click on the photos. I will tell you my version of the stories one by one in the nextcoming days and weeks…

The Devil racing with the Maiden who turns into stone when he touched

The haunted Ghost Castle of Cruden Bay

Old man of Hoy and how to get there

A friendly Stone close to Aberdeen

And a cruel Stone in Nine Staines Stone Circle

Furthermore the Vikingshead placed on Tyrebagger Hill

The famous witch holding Tom O’Shanter’s horse tail high over the sea

Monsters and Aliens on the well in Cannot-not-remember-the-Name-Bridge

12 Apostel Stone Circle somewhere close to Dumfries as I recall

Finally the ring of Brodgar and the longlost Odin’s stone

Send me a mail what you wanna hear first and second and third … 🙂

No 360° video. This technology was unknown in the times Sickboy and me travled Scotland…

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