13 Castle Cycle Challenge

Still no plans for this year’s summer holiday? Why not ask your bicycle to travel with you along 13 castles, fortress and lost cities in Silesia, Sudeten and Bohemia? Start in Berlin and ride 100 Kilometers East, cross the river and walk through the ruines of Küstrin. From there on it is an enjoyable journey along the river, through the hills, up into the mountain and back to the river again… last stop is the world famous Neuzelle monestary brewery waiting with an unbeatable beer to be served to the thirsty cyclist.

pLeAAse !*ClickclCilick** on the Picture

MISTER “Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive” SICKBOY!!!

Thanks to MISTER “Ninety miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive” SICKBOY!!! … and to ….

Our Lord in Neuzelle Monastery
… our Lord in Neuzelle Monastery for providing a world filled with wonders.

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