PICTUREBOOK: Szczecin to Świnoujście


You may schedule a full day for cycling from Szczecin to Świnoujście. There is a cyle path crossing the river on Szczecin’s Autobahn bridge. From there on it is a little left and right, right and left until you find yourself  on the North heading road to the sea. „Road“ in means of a street that becomes smaller and smaller and runs eventually as a small path for farm tractors through the flat fields.


It is a bit challenging to find the bridges to cross a number of water flows, a papermap is helpful, google maps is not. In the late afternoon Wolin is reached. Here used  to be an important Viking’s harbour, since WW II the town is devasted. The further way to Świnoujście is an adventure. Coz there is Świnoujście’s harbour infrastructure from here on only: Trainlines, motorways, piplines, powerlines, ferrys, not a place for cycles.

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MISTER “Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive” SICKBOY!!!

Thanks to MISTER “Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive” SICKBOY


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