Southbound Sickboy …. Jump over Baltic Sea

Southbound Sickboy …. Jump over Baltic Sea / Day 5
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Gdansk 25.August 2017

Looking back onto bad experience yesterday I threw my joker on the table: Riding on a train to catch the day ferry over to Poland.

Sickboy was ensured the astronomer would have done exactly the same… just in case trains existed by their times already. Which was absolutely not the case in fact.

And it was not that we not arrived in time. It was more a mixed matter of disrespect for set schedules and train delays. And an earlier than expected high tide.

But how should we have known about high or low tide issues on Swedish coastline.

When the train was calling closest station to the Poland Terminals we jumped on the road. Sickboy raised hell, all devils and thunders to get there on time.

Mmmmmmmm….. yes…. we arrived 11.45 h in high spirits to roll onto the noon boat…. surprisingly there lay no ship at the docks.

„It was Captain’s decision to leave half an hour early when time was highest“, the shipping company“s lady working on the counter explained. „But tickets to travel with the night ferry are still available.“

She offered a secure place on the cardeck for Mr. Sickboy Freeride. And a cabin under the cardeck and below the waterline for his highly respected owner.

„Inshallah“, I thought and paid.

On board the Tax Free Shop provided me with beer, schnaps, food, crisps and ciggies and I spent half night under the stars. Trying to understand how astronomers are able to differ, name, and measure them.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier

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