On Stage: Mariähimmelsfahrtwunder-Wunder

♪♪♪ Poesie- und Whiskyclub
On Stage: Mariähimmelfahrtswunder-Wunder
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin, October 24th 2017

Smokers are the chatty and sociable half of Spaceship Earth personal. Even on hottest and holiest days they are out on the street for a smoke and a chat. They are being attracted by a pack of cigarettes like a wasp by the sugarcup.

Christian Raum liest im Cafe Cralle in Wedding über den Weg von Łódź nach Kraków … Apppplauuuuus!!!!
Klickt auf Unseren Herrrn…. Klcikcklick…**




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