360°-Video: Day 10 of Second Berlin Covid-19-Lockdown

360°-Video: Day 10 of Second Berlin Covid-19-Lockdown
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum and others
Berlin, November 11th 2020

The Brandenburger Tor is known as one of the top tourist hotspots in merry old Europe. Covid-19 is devasting. The Pariser Platz is grey and empty, cold and deserted. Only a number of cyclists passing on their way to work. Some strange undressed fellows are to be seen in corners and overhead: An almost naked Greece God dressed in not very much more than a helmet and a sword is guarding the site, while Hercules – also allmost naked with fancy curly hair – demolish‘ his opponents heads as shown on one of the pillars.

To understand the drama, please click on our 360° video….

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