♫♪♫ Reisen & Freunde … Viaggio da Uraniborg via Venezia e San Marino a Roma / 柏林 – ウラニボリ- 萨尔茨堡 – 威尼斯 – 罗马

♫♪♫ Reisen & Freunde … Un viaggio da Uraniborg via Venezia a Roma
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum and others
Berlin, December 8th 2020

Cycling with Sickboy, starting at the Baltic Sea, passing Salzburg and Venice and arrive right on time for a huge icecream in Roma.

In viaggio con la bicicletta Sickboy dal Mar Baltico via Venezia per incontrare il Vecchio Giulio

Uraniborg star obersatory on Ven Island
According to Johannes Keppler the distance between Ven’s star observatory Uraniborg and Vatican’s star observatory Torre de Venti is exactly 1000 Roman Miles. In medival times this was the standard for any measure done on Earth and Universe.
Baltic Sea
At the Baltic Sea in Michaelsdorf… we will cycle from here on along Saint Michael’s Meridian. 1000 kilometers southward along the meridian we will race into Venice. Our journey will end in Michael’s castle close to Vatican city … that’s the plan.
12 Apostel Stone Circle
The viking’s stone circle close to Michaelsdorf is built right onto the Saint Michael Meridian. In fact it is made of 13 stones – 12 grey, one red.
Oldest Church in Mecklenburg
A dragon attacked the old church with lightning and fire. A huge explosion destroyed the church, burnt it down ruined the place for ever after. Good and Evil are fighting hard to control the meridian.
Further South on the Saint Michael Meridian: We passed the Cathedral of Brandenburg, passed Wittenberg, cycled cross the Leipzig Battlefield and uphill over to Czech Republic … Czech Republic’s mountains opposite side of the border shown on the picture .
Monestary of Metten
Click on the picture and watch Saint Michael fighting the Beast armed with a fire sword to win the meridian. Metten monastery is located on the meridian – very exactly half way between Ven Island and Torre de Venti.
Ol'Sickboy covered with roses
Preparing for Salzburg: Sickboy will bring roses to the Mozart monument. Mozart composed on the meridian – so did for example Bach, Wagner, Schumann, Telemann, Mahler, and every composer ever based in Venice or Roma.
Austrian Dragonslayer
That`s how Saint Michael slays dragons in the Austrian Alps.
Clouds and Moutains
Not so often Sickboy and me are traveling through the clouds. And we will climb even higer and higher…
Lake in the Moutains
Finally … Italy! The Lady from the camping site welcomed me to Italy, she pamperd me with lasagne and white wine and tiramisu and cafe and fruits.
Adrian Sea
Yes .. we are coast to coast! Made it! The Chiesa delle Madonna dell’Anglo received the excited travellors with a smile. Lighting a candle, saying a prayer and sit outside and feel the wind and the salt on my skin.

Arrived in Venice
Arrived! Churchtower next to Venice is exaktly 1000 kilometer and superexactly straight South seen from the 12 Apostel Stonecircle perspective.
Map of Italy
The way to Roma from here on: Venice, Ravenna, San Marino, Gubbio, Terni, Roma… there are still some mountains for Sickboy to climb over.
Sweet and strong and a cigarette and on we go… Today I will ship into Venice. Sickboy guard our things on the camping ground.
Looking back on lonely days in the mountains Marcus Square seems a bit overpopulated. The Square is guarded by Michael and the dragon on huge obelisks. But – the meridan is a little way East …
Back into quiet places…
San Marino
Monte Titano – Number One place in the world… The castle of San Marino is overlooking Michael’s Meridian all the way through the mountains.
San Marino
Following with my eyes the meridian Northward. Venice, Salzburg, Island of Ven are on the ther side of those mountains . Thanks everybody in San Marino for assistans and friendship. Best people in the world! Mille Grazie Valentina e Franko!
It is Gubbio’s foggy evening. We decide to stay another night until the rain moved over to the sea.
Basilica di San Francesco d'Assissi
Archangel Michael standing on the remains of the dragon he slayed in Assissi mountains. He is looking over to Saint Francesco’s tomb.
Somewhere over there lies Terni, home of Saint Valentine, Master of Love and Flowers.
Castle Gandolfo
Following the Meridian North-Southward comes with a surprise. The 1000 Roman Miles Distance place it not the Vatican, nor is it Roma. Pope’s star observatory in Castle Gandolfo – please mind the dome behind the trees? – is the counterpoint of Ven Island’s Uraniborg.
Venus Statue
The Albanian Mountains are well known as the love godness Venus‘ very own county. Luckily we met her in Marino and brought flowers.
Cycled four weeks to enjoy a huuuuuge icecream with cream and nuts in Marino. Thank you World!
My Smartphones‘ GPS proves: In Johannes Keppler’s time this was the starting point of Michael Meridian in Roma; Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano.
Ave Imperator!
„Salve Cesar. Ils sont fous, ces Romains“
A dragon attacked the old church with lightning and fire. A huge explosion destroyed the church, burnt it down ruined the place for ever after. Good and Evil are fighting hard to control the meridian.

Da qui abbiamo iniziato. Il traghetto Ven-Landskrona in partenza dal porto di Ven. Fare clic sul video 🙂

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