♫♪♫ Reisen & Freunde: Unloading the Bari-Durrës-Ferries

As Sickboy Sees it: In Durres Harbour the Bari-Durrës-Ferrys getting loaded and unloaded in the middle of the night. They are travling cross Adrian Sea starting at rund midnicht and arrive Italy right in time for breakfast.

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On Stage: Kraków!!Kraków!!Kraków!!

♪♪♪ Poesie- und Whiskyclub On Stage: Kraków!!Kraków!!Kraków!! Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum Berlin, November 1st 2017 One gear by one Sickboy’s mechanic broke. By the time we started at Sheriff’s place I had 24 gears available to chose from. Half a day later gear count was down to 16. Crawling over wave number eight […]

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Picturebook: Berlin – Szczecin

It’s Peter and Paul’s Day… a good occasion to travel and remember early Christianity along the Baltic Sea Coast. Why not visit Berlin’s nearest Peter&Paul’s Church. Traveling on a well known  bicycle named Sickboy the journey will require two days to reach Szczecin’s Peter&Paul’s and to say a little prayer for Otto the Holy Crusadar and Slayer of Pommerian. And …. […]

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13 Castle Cycle Challenge

Still no plans for this year’s summer holiday? Why not ask your bicycle to travel with you along 13 castles, fortress and lost cities in Silesia, Sudeten and Bohemia? Start in Berlin and ride 100 Kilometers East, cross the river and walk through the ruines of Küstrin. From there on it is an enjoyable journey along the […]

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