BUM-BUM… SAP and NTT analyze car drivers heart rate

(Source: NTT)
(Source: NTT)

The digital sensor for day-by-data collection might be a special fabric car drivers are being wrapped in. Coz sensing car drivers heart or liver or brain seems to become next step in accelerating Internet cloud business,  Big-Data-solutions and digital transformation of today’s traffic.


Robert Enslin, SAP and Jun Sawade, NTT expecting to bring digital tranformation to the industry. Therefore the germany based IT vendor SAP and the NTT telecomunication and data center provider from Japan are collaborating to develop a so called „connected transportation safety solution“ that collects and analyzes vehicle-related data. According to the companies involved this system is based on a sensing fabric jointly developed with Toray Industries, and the NTT Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform.


Strange enough many of these „vehicle-related data“ seems to be health and heart data of the car’s driver. „The target is to transmit drivers’ biological data including heart rate and mental fatigue estimates“, the companies continue in the press release. „The project aims to provide more accurate and real-time information about vehicles and drivers’ conditions.“


This is to be kicked of right now. „In cooperation with Keifuku Bus, SAP and NTT will conduct a field trial starting October 2016, with the goal of providing service by January 2017“. According to the companies this is planned to be rolled out in the United States and Europe.


“This partnership gives SAP a significant ability to broaden customers’ choices for facilitating digital transformation.”says Robert Enslin, member of the Executive Board of SAP. Jun Sawada, senior executive vice president of NTT states: “This partnership will help NTT enhance capabilities to support our global clients, and can accelerate digital transformation of industries.”

Christian Raum

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