Southbound Sickboy ….Traveling Further Eastward

Southbound Sickboy ….Traveling Further Eastward / Day 6 by Christian Raum
Berlin/Frombork 25. August 2017

Next morning we arrived Gdynia. All trucks and trailers Sickboy chatted with during his night passage on the cardeck waved. They wished us a cool and safe journey.

Me packed Sickboy with tent and bags and pushed him forward. Further East.  Folllowing the traces of Tycho Brahe’s star mates.

Yes …  Poland gave us a warm welcome indeed. And it was a piece of cake to arrive Gdansk mainstation. Sickboy met some Punks he hang out with. Meanwhile Christian searched maps, pierogie, water and lighted a candle for Kata.

Next the Wisla Rlver Delta was cruised and crossed.

Go East Sickboy!! GOOOO!!!

We ended up on a blossom hill. Cool location to rest for two days, enjoy nice wine, good talking, experience awful defeat and spectacular wins on the chessboard.

Frombork is situated just downhill. Tommorrow is the big day Sickboy and me ride into town and take possession, record videos and pictures of Cathedral and Observatory.

Right … eventually called Piet. Funeral is by the end of the week. There is a need to discuss with the team whether we are continue traveling or traintravel home.

Thinking Thinking Thinking. Any decision can not be a cool decision. That’s the conflict…


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier

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