Southbound Sickboy ….General Direction Albania

Southbound Sickboy ….General Direction Albania / Day 8
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Frombork 27.August 2017

Silence… some whispers behind me. I hear a Zloty falling info a donation box.


Watching the candle I lighted for Kata in Frombork Cathedral. Thinking this and thst. Shall I return home to attend the funeral??

Anyway it is ahout time to say farewell to Tycho Brahe’s traveling group. There is another Europan root I can lay my fingertip on to feel the pulse.

Kopernicus revolutionized our western world with three pure and brillant thoughts.

One says Earth might be more likley formed alike a ball rather than a chessboard. Second it is more likely Earth is turning around the Sun than vice versa. Even more… Sun is mayor Raumstation in our cosmos and all the planets flying around her in high speed.

And third… Kraków and Durrës and Frombork are situated on the same Meridian as his Cathedral’s Tower. A main axis for trade and communication for more than 2000 years.

I look around. Maybe he had his ideas here inside this Christian Space I am in right now.

Well well well.

This has the sound of a promising thought to follow up, has it not?  And old Nico’s conclusion continue somehow like than…

… if there is a Rome Meridian given, any place on the Frombork Meridian shall have a counterpart site on Rome Meridian. Easy as 1..2..3 – on Frombork latitude lies the village of Saal. Well known for local thunderstorms on camping sites and lost kiter.

The Kraków equivalence is the Earl’s Schwarzenberg Castle while Durrës analogue is undoubtably ol’Rome itself. Bearing points are the Roman theatre in Durrës and the Sancti Sanctorum in Laterano.

If the distance between these sites is all the same, Earth‘ layout maybe considered as a chess board. Otherwise it shall be more likely a ball.

Frombork Cathedral

I look up and a holy person holding a sword in his händ stares at me a bit worried. Kata“s candle burning steadily. Over my head stands a Maria statue. Maria winks.

Ok. Start here and travel Southward.

General direction Albania.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier

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