Southbound Sickboy …. Up and Down Along Kopernicus‘ Meridian

Southbound Sickboy …. Up and Down Along Kopernicus‘ Meridian
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Katy 28. August 2017

Of course there is nothing alike a meridian in real life. There is no line drawn from Northpole to Southpole. A meridian is nothing but an imagination, a fantasy, a fuchin‘ construct made up in a splendid mathematics brain.

Around the world meridian’s are fundamental for calender, time, maps, distance or trade. Greenwich, Bangkok, Ben, Rome, Paris, Beijing, Hierro, Frombork or some Inca temples are places where the local meridian has been transformed into constructions made of stone, glass, asphalt, concrete, brickstone, fantasy, engineering, gold, glory, pain or blood.

The road out of  Frombork seems to be another example. It is an amazing 19th century alley running straight South on 19°20′ latitude. Old grumby oaks left and right. Superasphalted. Perfect for cycling. Me alone.

Every hour or so a heavy duty Claas Superharvester passing. Big „Thank You“ to the constructor and engineers.

The former Eastprussian region is followed by Masury. Terrain changes into hilly and forests and lakes and channels. Road is winding now. Still oaky and plain. Pleasure to cycle along.

This is Kopernicus‘ county. West from his meridian he was born. East he defended his region and people against Prussian Knights.
Closing my eyes. Allow Sickboy to roll.

Yesterday evening we arrived Katy. We were three on the Camping Site plus an old lady with a bad teeth count in a rotten camper. She charged 10 Zloty per night plus a fiver for shower.

I errected my tiny fabric palast next to a couple from Wroclaw.


Where you coming from and going to? They are circling Poland. Me cut straight through.

„Wonder if there is a lake or a channel around here for a bath?“ I asked.
„There is a channel“, she told me „But it is not a real channel. More a channel without water.“
„????“, I looked.
„No water coz the channel is going uphill.“
„Hmmmm… yes??“
„Water ends on top of hill“, she pointing upwards. „And water continues in the valley.“ Pointing downwards.
„Ok??????“, me wondered.
„Both ends linked with some sort of slip. There is no word in Polish to describe it. Alike a Passengershipslip.“

Obiverously all very old. Widely unknown in Poland. German made in a long lost time.

„Polish people love German engineering, she explained. „This is truly fascinating“.

This morning we shared cookies and coffee. Watching the ship climb uphill along the 19°20′ latitude slowly. And it’s counterpart slip downstream same speed.

Pardon me.

Sickboy wants me back on the road. Weather forecast promises light rain and friendly temperature. I need to leave.

Thanks for the chat! Talk later.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

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