Southbound Sickboy …. Doner Kebab vs. Pierogi

Southbound Sickboy Doner Kebab vs. Pierogi / Day10
Deutsche Leitkulturblog by Christian Space
Berlin / Płock August 29, 2017

Since I started cycling I am hungry. I have been at many places, seen strange things and eaten awful cooking and fries.

Most surprisingly Central Poland’s street food is Doner Kebab in endless variation. No question … Berlin’s favorite food brought to Germany by immigrants invaded Poland.

There are small fast food islands in Poland’s Catholic Central European based food, potato, pork Culture. They carrying the burdon of proud names stolen from Arabian or Persian tales: „Istanbul“, „Aleppo“, „Jerusalem“, „Palmyra“ or simply „Happs“.

You will find a widespread menue from Doner classic to Doner pasta. Order Tortilla and you will be served a Durum Doner. Order a Hamburger and it is yesterday’s Doner glued and fried and embedded into a roll, salad added. Ask for Spaghetti Bolognese and find tiny cut Doner pieces inside a heated ketchup mass.

Temperature crashes through the 40° Centigrade barrier. Sun and hot winds. It is my junk food day: Tortilla for breakfast. Pasta for lunch and a burger for dinner. Served with Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi …. and Nestle icecream for desert.

Somewhere in between hills, forrest and wheatfields and Doner Takeaways we lost focus and way.

But there is one option for crossing the river only. At the Wisla we were back on 19° 40′. Copernicus Meridian is manifested with steel, concrete, and stone. It is Poland’s biggest bridge crossing the Wisla River.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY !!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier

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