Southbound Sickboy ….  Cycling Guidelines on the Płock to Łódź Route

Southbound Sickboy ….  Cycling Guidelines on the Płock to Łódź Route / Day 10
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Ven 30. August 2017

Astronomers are experts for mapping Earth and stars. Experts for calender, time, distance and locations. These are the fundaments laid for the game Sickboyand me are playing.

Everything needed for an enjoyable journey South on a straight line is a map and a compass and a watch and some cash of course.

Watch is golden with diamant inlays. Add a paper, pencil, circle for Meridian calculating. Remember mathematics keep brain busy.

Game’s guidelines are easy. Simply cycle South the given course. Collect what you see. Follow European Culture Root, feel the pulse, and blog the experience.

Watch us go. Crossing Christian Space. Sickboy rolling. The team made responsible for Star Navigation Department.

There is no cheating possible. Old Earth can not be fooled, fucked, faked. Any information needed is on the map and on the compass. Or could be asked from friendly people passing.

The gods are on our site… preparing some challenging tasks, reward us with pathed, marked, and exclusive roads.

Enjoy the World!

It’s staff is here to help. Life is a good old friend an it’s all made for you and me.

After breakfast in Płock I received from Star Navigation Department a suggested course South over the bridge. From there on continue SouthWestward it says.

Łódź is not located on the Frombork Meridian. But it is Poland’s second city. A friend is born here. No way to pass without calling.

Cycling into the city from the Northeast is pain in the ass. That’s why I stretched guidelines a bit. Google Maps were allowed. But… never consider Google Maps a helpful app when cycling.

Łódź was arrived late in the dark.

Following a little search Hotel Polonia was chosen to stay for a night. Sickboy found a home in the restaurant. Christian was transported by an elderly liftboy supervised elevator to second floor.

Good night Earth and staff and Sickboy.
Day was bold and tricky. But we won again.

We will start game’s next level tomorrow morning.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

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