Southbound Sickboy … Maria Himmelfahrt Fahrt Wonder

Southbound Sickboy …. Maria Himmelfahrt’s Fahrt Wonder/ Day 13
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Krakow 1. September 2017

German Catholics call this day „Maria Himmelfahrt“. I do not know the Polish name. At least they warned me I am cycling on highest thinkable spiritual holidays in Poland. Meaning… every place closed. No person on the street. Heat, Sun, and blue sky expected.

First point a bit shitty. But second not too bad for to cycle a certain distance Southward. If I handle things right Sun and heat will be on my site.

Way out of Łódź is super easy. Did I mention they built the longest street running North South ever been built in a city around the Earth? So you know now. It passes Polonia Palace and it’s end is right at the city’s border.

Promises and warnings became true. Not a single living soul around. No cars. No people. Full sun. Easy and relaxed cycling South.

Stopping every now and than. Record a little video to be published on Sickboy’s Youtube Channel.

Smokers are the chatty and sociable half of Spaceship Earth personal. Even on hottest and holiest days they are out on the street for a smoke and a chat. They are being attracted by a pack of cigarettes like a wasp by the sugarcup.

This day my smoking mate was a bum, a tramp, a fuckuped. He was unshaved, smelly, gifted with wild hairs and dressed in dirty clothes. Out of nowhere he materialised in front of me. Smiling. Asking for a smoke. I invited him to sit.

He smoking. Me peeling an apple.

Chatting with gestures.
„Want an apple?“
„No. But another cigarette…“
„You are welcome

Mampf… smoke… smile.

He started talking. Not one word understood. Insecure smile. He would not talk bad about Germans, would he?

Next apple. Next cigarette. Me now smoking too. He pointing at my water bottle.
„Gas?“ He asked … or maybe something Polish sounding similar.

He reached out and allmost emptied the bottle in no time. When I stopped him a mouthful only was left. And me realizing there might be no chance to get any water until tomorrow morning.

After the smoke I packed and we shaked hands. „Auf Wiedersehen“ he said and we parted.

Sharing apple, ciggarettes, and and water with a lonely chatty smoker on a spiritual holiday is being rewarded instantly.  50 kilometer superasphalted road exclusively made for me today. When I complained about being thirsty a filling station was opened to supply me with water and cigarettes.

Approaching Wloszczowa star navigation team checked the web for accommodation. Three places were suggested to the Captain. No need to worry. Going slower.  Record a video. Another cigarette smoked. Another apple eaten.

Shite started when the first hotel was closed due to it’s owner’s spiritual activities. Same situation at second hotel. While searching for the third hotel Maria sent a helper.

„In this building might be a hotel. But I have never ever seen a person walking in or out“. He pointing at one house close by. „But my uncle runs a hotel five kilometres further South. 15 minutes to cycle.“

The Country Road Hotel is a small pension in Country and Western style. „Sheriff Laszek“ says the batch glued onto owner’s car. The Sheriff himself proudly walking his patrol with an Brian May haircut.

I ended up in Sheriff ’s living room. Enjoying coffee and cigarette and a little chat. Next talking business…. How much is the room, breakfast included, no smoke in the room, ok, good night.

I am in bed. Thank you Saints for the challenge. Thank you for support and assistance.

That’s how we can become friends.


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier

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