London Calling

Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin, June 10th 2020

Five or six suggestions what to see and where to go while staying in London for business or fun…

… this is my number one place for obvious reason.
Just opposite side of Saint Paul’s cathedral …

… Saint Paul’s was made of wood and burnt down in the big fire. The model is too big to fit on a photography and to be found in the Moorgate museum…

… today Saint Paul’s is much smaller and framed with breath taking clouds all day. Walking along the westbank of river Themes is spectacular. Passing the Aquarium and the London Eye and cross the river to Westminster Abbey. This is the most Harry Potterish place in the world. Any person buried here has the potential to play a major role in Hogworts‘ chronicals.

… or in a Dan Brown blockbuster…

.. or in the Pirates ot the Carribean.

A little shipride downstream you find another heroine of British storytelling. The Scottish witch Cutty Sarg holding Tam O’Shanter’s horse’s tail high over the waves.

There is a great view to the banks in the old Canary Wharf.

And it is just a small walk uphill to the Greenwich observatory built on the World’s Main Meridian.

You surely will find a number of persons walking outside in the park, staring at their GPS app on the mobile phone. Do not talk to them! They are Germans who read on Wikipedia that for some spooky sun eclipse reason the Meridian has moved around 23,7 meters westward. Now they are searching the REAL MAIN MERIDIAN.

Better go for a nice dinner to China town…

… and enjoy London 🙂


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