Gedanken über Fahrraddoktoren

♪♪♪ Poesie- und Whiskyclub
On Stage: Gedanken über Fahrraddoktoren
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin, December 12th 2020

Lockdown will last another month or two. Time to remember and repost the classics. Why not listen to the Fahrraddoktoren story… enjoy …

Worst bicycle users are those coming in and complain about problems with the gears. While the chain is resting on the highest gear in the front and the highest in the back. Every cycle doctor has prepared his own little speech to teach these idiots how to use gearshifter right.

I heard an endless row of line. „Have you ever learned how to use your gearshifter correct?“ „Did no-one ever told you not to use these gears together?“ „First thing … never use highest front and rear gear sametime.“

True is …. most cycle doctors are not the gear experts they pretend to be…** clcikcklick**
Christian Raum liest im Cafe Cralle im Wedding über seine Gedanken beim Thema Fahrraddoktoren … Apppplauuuuus!!!!

Klickt auf das Bild….

Oder klickt hier….


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