PICTUREBOOK Criss Cross Ferry Cruise: Sjællands Odde to Hirtshals Harbour

♫♪♫ Reisen & Freunde
PICTURE BOOK: Sjællands Odde to Hirtshals Harbour
Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin, January 8th 2021

Cycling criss cross through Denmark mainland and ferry over sunds and flows…Our target is to cross 13 waters on 13 ferries. When we done, we cycle home again. In Sjællands Odde’s harbour we boarded ferry number 5 to cross over to Denmark main.

Attraversare in bicicletta la Danimarca continentale e traghettare su sund e flussi … Il nostro obiettivo è di attraversare 13 acque su 13 traghetti. Quando abbiamo finito, torniamo a casa in bicicletta. Nel porto di Sjællands Odde ci siamo imbarcati sul traghetto numero 5 per raggiungere la Danimarca continentale.

I slept two times and boarded the Norway bounding ferry at noon of the third day. I confess – it was a bit boring. Which is not too bad, as the Norwegian coast is a little rocky and challanging to cycle along. I had three cool and cloudy days… and will write about Norway’s trolls and rocks and captains and Vikings and sea battles and ferrys in next coming week. Until than, please **klickkclackk** on the pics and enjoy Danish Mainland 🙂

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