360° Video: Master Kopernicus‘ Foucault Pendulum

360°-Video: Master Kopernicus‘ Foucault Pendulum
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin April 3rd 2021

In Kopernicus‘ universe Cathedral’s Tower was the center and it’s position accuratly according to stars and Moon, planets and Sun. Everything was 100 percent fine for his time.

But times were changing. When a delegation from Ven island materialised in Kopernicus’s world it was calculated and discussed. It was measured and the dataset updated. The center of the Kopernicus Universe was moved some meters Southward along the Frombork Meridian. Ven’s master Tycho Brahe has taken over possession and newly positioned tower, cathedral and universe according to his concepts and schedules and standards.

Centuries later a Foucault’s Pendulum was installed. Tower was nailed on to it’s latitude for all times coming. Never ever it shall be moved in it’s relation to Moon and planets, stars and Sun.



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