Sundaywalk on the Battlefield

Deutsche Leitkultur Blog by Christian Raum
Berlin, November 7th 2022

The fortress of Kostrzyn nad Odrą was our Grandfather’s Wehrmacht last stronghold before Sowjetunion’s Red Army reached Berlin. Stalin’s tanks attacked first in January 1944. By this time Kostrzyn was covered with high snow, the river was frozen and the city herself was a beauty. Soldiers were raging for more than twelve weeks. When spring arrived German army left the battlefield and more than 20.000 lay dead and buried in the muddy ground.  On the web there are articles to  be found, telling about the heavy fightings specially around the castle’s square and the church on the opposite side.

Reason enough for getting on the train and travel 100 kilometers Eastward. Only to find there is not much left of Kostrzyn nad Odrą’s old city center.

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