Southbound Sickboy …. Happy Babia Góra Passing

Southbound Sickboy …. Happy Babia Góra Passing / / Day 22
Deutscheleitkulturblog by Christian Raum
Berlin/Martin  9. September 2017

There is not too much to say looking back on the Babia Góra crossing. As promised the heavy duty ride up into the mountains was rewarded. Ol’Sickboy and his passengers were smoothly blown up by friendly winds. A short stop on top was followed by a wild ride downhill.


A stop for lunch was scheduled and team members gathered for a discussion on the bridge. A decision need to be made. Star Navigation Team succeeded another route.

The Amber Trail brought treasures and wealth to widly unknown local royals ruling at the Baltic Sea. Trading their Amber round the world they started to invest their gold in power, weapons, relations, and empire building. In the end they won…. the Prussian became Germany’s Emporeer and caused damages all over Europe.

And the old Amber Trading Route is a big success until today. Meridian is manifested as Autobahn. Goods are being transported from Poland via Slow.Rep. to Balkans and further South.

No way for our little Spaceship to cycle along an Autobahn. Too loud. Too smelly. Too hectic for a chilly cycle as Sickboy is.

A second suggested route may be figure out later as to come with the same problem. Poland is gifted with space and flatlands. A grid made of million small roads makes cycling easy. Slow.Rep only has a small number of option for road making. Therefore all routes South look like big, stressy, dangerous roads.

Our second option looks on the map like an Autobahn through the National Park’s noone’s land.

Third option has a taste of being cool. But for an Amber Route research too far West: paddlebiking through winding roads along rivers and lakes Westward. Somewhere there a wide valley should open before the traveller’s surprised eyes. From there on it should be an enjoyable ride down to the Danube River. Further to Budapest and onto the Balkan Route.

Two weeks later our travelgroup should return onto Kopernicus’s Meridian. Durres amphitheatre is our Bearing and our final destination…


THANKS to MISTER „Ninty miles an hour, girl, is the speed I drive“ SICKBOY!!!

Editors: Christian Raum, Christin Hohmeier









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